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NACK Apparel at the African Fashion and Design Fair in Kenya

NACK Apparel at the African Fashion and Design Fair in Kenya

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The NACK brand showcased its Spring/Summer 2019 collection on December 8th 2018 at the African Fashion and Design Fair 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya – a fashion event showcasing various designers from across Africa. The event which held at the Water Front Field-race Course, became a hub for all things fashion including workshops, fashion expo, emerging designers awards and a fashion show.

Known for its pride in its country Nigeria, the new collection from the NACK brand focusses on the key theme; ‘Nigerian’ and ‘Culture. With a little twist from the original collection, this version of the SS19 collection features a mix of dense prints and strong colours which include vibrant orange, black and sharp blues that accentuate busy patterns and oversized tops.

The collection pays homage to the traditional Nigerian culture with native and retro themes at its heart. This collection looks back at the lost Nigerian culture with a specific look at the Ife Kingdom and Benin Kingdom which flourished from the 13th to 19th centuries in Southwest Nigeria. These cultures are known for their remarkably sophisticated lost-wax bronze castings made by specialist craftsmen for the royal houses. This was highlighted with use of several traditional sculpture heads of the Benin and Ife people, wrappers and accessories which were all given a modern edge. This collection was used to update the ideology of the heritage of the Nigerian people, culture and art. It was a great honour to be able to showcase the NACK brand in Kenya for the first time.


Creative Director, NACK Apparel – Tolulope Akinpeloye 


Travel Dairy

Kenya, a country in East Africa is famed for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves. Kenya is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries we’ve visited. Its diverse landscapes, incredible wildlife and friendly people truly make it a special place.


Day 1

We were greeted by our host – Dorothy Oliech. Dorothy was amazing! She welcomed us with open arms and it almost felt like we had known each other for years, she took us around town, showed us a good, fun time and even ensured we had a successful show. She gave us a brief history of Kenya and an insight into the lives of the Kenyan people. We spent the day exploring the hotel and its environment, getting to know the Kenyan people and taking several (I mean A LOT of) pictures.


Day 2

We visited the Massia Market where we had the pleasure of buying the full regalia of the Massai people – including the jewellery. This regalia signifies the

The Messia market place was filled with numerous colours and designs of art works, bead works and artefacts adequately highlighting the immense talent of the Kenyan people. The people of Kenya are extremely friendly, honest and eager to help. You might do a little of haggling with the prices – but not too much. If you ever visit Kenya, this would be great place to get souvenirs. We bought key holders, magnets and beaded jewellery.

We spent the evening at the New Market – a popular shopping mall with a large food court. We enjoyed several meals including oysters which a couple of people tried for the first time. We also got experience Kenyan night life which was also fun.


Day 3

The day of the African Fashion and Design Fair 2018 fashion show. NACK Apparel was the last brand to showcase at the fashion show. The response to the NACK SS19 collection was electric with the audience purchasing items of the runway immediately after.


Day 4

Spent the day touring the city and our host – Dorothy hosted us to dinner at her house where we got to enjoy Kenyan food for the first time. She prepared Chapati, Sukuma Wiki, Ugali, kuku choma, etc.

Kenya being a country with many tribes has different types of foods/dishes due to cultural differences. Most of the foods are easy to access, inexpensive and easy to make. Kenya cuisine takes on its own unique personality through the use of native spices and local ingredients. You will discover a balance of different flavours cooked in their healthy dishes. We tasted the various meals and our favourite so far is the Chapatis which is considered to be more of special form of kenyan food. They are made with a flour dough that is wound into a coil before being rolled into a flat round circle. The dough is then fried on a skillet accompanied by plenty of oil so it becomes crispy on the edges but remains moist and doughy on the interior. Chapati’s go well with fried cabbage, beans, or even just rolled up with a cup of tea!

We also got to learn some Swahili words and phrases:

  • Unafanya nini – what are you doing?
  • Wewe -you
  • Chakula – food
  • Unafanya nini? – what are you doing
  • Wapi – where
  • Jina lako ni nani? – what’s your name
  • Unatoka wapi – where are you from?
  • Asante – thank you
  • Lala salama – sleep well/goodnight
  • Nakupenda – i love you
  • Mapenzi – love
  • Mvinyo – wine
  • Pombe – alcohol
  • Mbwa – dog
  • Samaki – fish
  • Nyama – beef
  • Maji – water
  • Msichana – girl
  • Mvulana – boy
  • Kuja – come
  • Wimbo – song
  • Lala – sleep
  • Nakupenda pia – I love you too
  • Tumeshukuru sana – we appreciate/are thankful
  • Cheza wimbo wa wizkid – play me wizkid
  • Ndio – yes

If you are able to learn these words, you’ll definitely find them useful during a trip to Kenya. Have you been to Kenya before? What part did you visit and what was your favourite thing about the city/cities you visited?

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