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NACK Apparel at the Lagos Fashion Week 2018

NACK Apparel at the Lagos Fashion Week 2018

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The NACK brand launched its Spring/Summer 2019 collection on October 25th 2018 at the Lagos Fashion Week 2018 – a leading fashion event showcasing designers from across Nigeria. Although, NACK Apparel is the first casual High Street brand to showcase at the Lagos Fashion Week since its inception.

Known for its pride in its country Nigeria, the new collection from the NACK brand focusses on the key themes; ‘Nigerian’ and ‘Culture. The collection features a mix of dense prints and strong colours which include vibrant orange, black and sharp reds that accentuate busy patterns and oversized tops.

The brands use of unique scarf prints and hand painted designs are evocative of brightly-decorated materials which are synonymous with summer.

The collection pays homage to the traditional Nigerian culture with native and retro themes at its heart. This collection looks back at the lost Nigerian culture with a specific look at the Ife Kingdom and Benin Kingdom which flourished from the 13th to 19th centuries in Southwest Nigeria. These cultures are known for their remarkably sophisticated lost-wax bronze castings made by specialist craftsmen for the royal houses. This was highlighted with use of several traditional sculpture heads of the Benin and Ife people, wrappers and accessories which were all given a modern edge. This collection was used to update the ideology of the heritage of the Nigerian people, culture and art.

The NACK brand also uses this collection to celebrate what it means to be young and carefree with an emphasis on fun, flirty styles in a palette of calm shades and neon bright colours. Conversational pop prints and patterns create a sweet yet quirky look. Though unmistakably casual, the SS19 collection doesn’t stray from the spotlight with unique styles that are runway worthy. These fashion-forward themes combine seamlessly to create a coherent collection of high-street clothing. Pieces are sold as individual separates and are designed to allow for mixing and matching across the range.

The Creative Director of NACK Apparel, Tolu Akinpeloye, commented: “This collection was used to let the world know about Nigeria, sell our culture and celebrate the underplayed culture of Nigeria”


Creative Director, NACK Apparel – Tolulope Akinpeloye 

You can now shop the NACK SS19 collection HERE


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