The NACK Eze shirt inspiration story. The meaning behind the shirt.
NACK Eze shirt

The NACK Eze shirt inspiration story.

The NACK Eze shirt inspiration story.

NACK Eze shirt in

The NACK Eze shirt was designed to celebrate the Igbo culture of Nigeria. In Igboland, the word Eze means King, a servant of the people. In Igbo tradition, the Eze is an absolute monarch and a highly respected member of the society. In modern days, a man who bears the name Eze is considered to be either of a royal bloodline, or of high societal class.

Designed in 2020, the Eze shirt was made to meet the fashionable need of the Nigerian man of class and statutory height. Made with the finest of material, the most intricate of stitches and of course, the gold embroidery Nsibidi design at the back of the shirt. 

The most charming part of the Eze shirt is the Nsibidi symbol which is used to decorate the lower part of the Eze shirt. The Nsibidi symbols were used to communicate messages on houses. It is primarily used by the Ekpe leopard society (also known as Ngbe or Egbo), a secret society that is found across Cross River State among the Ekoi, Efik, Igbo people, and other nearby people.

We want our customers to feel valued and powerful when they wear any of the NACK Eze shirt variants, knowing the full meaning and purpose behind the design. The NACK Eze shirt comes in three different colours that can be shopped on our website.

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